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Fill in and complete the entire one to two page application(s):

Does your business need an immediate unsecured cash advance? The let's get started. Download and complete the Merchant application for quick processing and immediate funding:

Please include along with the completed merchant application your most recent (6) months of bank statements and your most recent (6) months of credit card processing statements(if applicable).

Does your business need a long term unsecured business loan or line of credit? If that's the case, download and complete the Business Loan application:

Please include along with your completed business loan application your most recent (6) months of bank statements, your most recent (6) months credit card statements (if applicable), the last three years of Profit & Loss statement(s) and the last three years of your Balance Sheet(s).

Blueprint will not leave a stone unturned. Your company will be considered for every type of funding that is available to you. Feel free to complete both applications, and we will begin processing to provide funding to your business.

Do you need a Hard Money loan that can fund your project in as little as three weeks. Blueprint Capital Principals can fund your project, no deal is too large. Download and complete the Quick Application form for immediate processing: